Busy days, thoughts and Richard Wiseman

April 18, 2011 at 10:53 PM (Personal blog post)

Today I’ve babysat and got incredibly frustrated at my younger brother who is currently at the stage of  being a toddler were he just wants to touch, destroy and jump off things. He’s cute though so it’s fine.

I have re-arranged my books so they look far better than they did before. They’ve been annoying me for ages so I’m glad I got round to doing that.

I finished writing in my best friends leavers book. She has been my best friend since the start of high school and it’s so weird to think that we’ve known each other for five years, it doesn’t seem like that long at all. Thinking back at all the memories we have shared and the hard ships she’s helped me through is amazing; it makes you really appreciate friendship.

I have just started reading Paranormality by professor Richard Wiseman. It’s a fantastic book so far with a lot of information about the psychology behind the supernatural and how people have come to discover these things. I am very interested in psychology and I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in it. I will post a full review when I have finished.

It’s late and time for me to go to sleep and prepare for another busy day tomorrow.


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